The book, Amazing Adventures is Shelby's Shoes is written in rhyming verse and is a fun story that will intrigue the imagination and inspire children and empower them to reach for the stars to be the best that they can be.

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Some songs and musical creations that are a fun way to engage and empower kids and teach them to be themselves and just have fun. They are created by Troy Harrington and Brian Thomas of 

Stand Up (Girl Power with Lyric)

Crazy Face 

Happy Dance 



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Kid's Page

The book, What Would You Do? A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers,, will help you unleash your Kid Power. Even though your parents will always try to keep you safe, having Kid Power means that you can take an active role in keeping yourself safe as well The strategies presented in the book will help you learn how to do that. 
The book will also help to make you a Street Smart Kid. That means that you will get from the book a better understanding of what is meant by a stranger and whom you should and should not trust. The book will also inform you about common lures that anyone intending you harm might try to use to gain your trust. A Street Smart Kid will know not to be tricked by such lures.

The book, What Would You Do? A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers, will teach you how to fight back if you are grabbed by someone intending you harm. 

Let's test what you already know about staying safe. See how well you can do on the Stranger Safety Pre-Quiz

Here is a useful safe-adult contact resource for you and your parents. You can print out and complete the My I.C.E. Support Group Contact Information.

Below are links to video clips that demonstrate self-defense and escape strategies. View these clips only with the supervision and guidance of your parents or teachers. Do not practice these self defense techniques with your friends or classmates. Practice them only with your parents or teachers.

Ear Attack
Face Attack
Mouth Attack
Throat Attack
Strike Against Double Wrist Grab
Strike Against Hands Grabbing from Behind
Strike Against Hook Punch
Escaping a Double Wrist Grab
Hair Pulling

Below are links to some stranger safety coloring pages for you to print out and color:

C. A. T. (Caution, Action, Tell)
S. K. Y. (Scream, Kick, Yell) 
Strangers / Safety in Numbers / I'm Lost/ Say No

Below are links to some fun video clips on stranger safety and Internet safety:

Rap About Internet Safety
Stranger Safety Cautionary Song

Do you like to rap and rhyme? Here is a fun creative writing activity that you can do alone or with your friends. The beginning of a Stranger Safety Rap is started for you. You can print out the Stranger Safety Rap and finish the rap with your own cool, rappin' rhymes.

If you are having trouble thinking of rhymes to complete the Stranger Safety Rap, here is an example of a Completed Stranger Safety Rap that was written by some workshop students. This might help you get started to think of your own.

If you like to play Internet games, you can play games and solve puzzles about stranger safety at the following websites:

Elementary Safety for Children
Health Education
Kids Com

Net Smart Kids
Safety Activities and Games for Kids

The book, The Bully and The Booger Baby: A Cautionary Tale, will help empower you to deal with a bullying problem. Below are some other links ( games, resources, and songs ) that will be helpful and of interest: 


Bullying the Silent Threat

“Sweet and Sunny” – original anti-bullying rock song performance by 12 year-old Harrison Ivaz 

Bars and Melody child rap duo performance of anti-bullying version of Twista’s “Hopeful”

Anti-bullying video/song for kids from a youtube channel created by Troy Harrington & Brian Thomas of